Purchase CRWD tokens with DASH: CONDA cooperates with DASH

CONDA, a crowdfinancing platform from Austria, also accepts DASH as part of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Accordingly, interested investors can use DASH to purchase the CRWD tokens, while the Austrian crowdfinancing platform has another partnership.

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Crowdfinanzierungs-Plattform can present another partnership.

Bitcoin code is currently in the whitelisting phase of the ICO

The Bitcoin code process is a prerequisite for an investment in the Bitcoin code. All those who already register now will avoid any waiting times that may arise due to a larger rush in June. With the settlement of the pre-crowdsale verification, all listed companies will be able to invest from 4 June. The CRWD token can then be purchased in ETH, Euro and now also in DASH.

With DASH, CONDA accepts one of the largest cryopto currencies in terms of market capital. Thus a strong community is addressed at the same time, which is ICO- and crypto-affine. Both CONDA and DASH benefit sustainably from the networking of the existing communities.

A long-term cooperation between CONDA and DASH is currently being planned.

„DASH is so far the only crypto currency that meets the technical requirements for the function as digital cash. This fits perfectly to our goal to connect the old and the new financial world“,

says Daniel Horak, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of CONDA.

Bitcoin code – digital cash on a blockchain basis

DASH is digital cash, a crypto currency developed by Evan Duffield in 2014. He wants to create an inflation-proof Bitcoin code crypto currency that is suitable for everyday use. In contrast to other Bitcoin code crypto currencies, DASH has an organizational structure with a clear distribution of tasks, budget sovereignty and a targeted decision-making hierarchy despite its decentralized network.

Like the CRWD token, DASH is based on blockchain technology. DASH’s specially created network architecture and management distinguishes digital cash from other crypto currencies and ensures independence from external donors.

CRWD Network as the Next Step in Crowdfinancing
The CRWD Network, which is currently being developed by CONDA and its partners, represents the blockchain-based basis of the new platform. The underlying protocol aims to solve the problem of security tokens. While many ICOs serve the pure financing of the implementing enterprise, CONDA goes one step further and revolutionizes crowdfinancing. Investors and companies benefit from all the advantages of the blockchain in tokenized company shares and – in contrast to many unregulated initial coin offerings – operate within a legally covered framework.