Buy Bitcoin with Sofortüberweisung, GiroPay or SEPA

The digital currency Bitcoin is currently booming again, but the purchase or sale still throws big question marks on the forehead of some users. How do I buy Bitcoins, where do I buy Bitcoins and above all how do I buy Bitcoins most securely are probably the most frequently asked questions that we currently receive.

At the beginning of the Bitcoin boom, the European Bitcoin exchanges dominated the market. But times have changed. More and more European stock exchanges and brokers are taking the floor and offering their services for the European market. One of these exchanges or brokers is the Dutch company Anycoin Direct*. On the German side, buying and selling Bitcoins is very easy.

A large selection of digital currencies for the Bitcoin trader

Anycoin Direct offers its Bitcoin trader, customers the opportunity to buy and sell Bitcoin as well as other currencies (Altcoins). The portfolio of the exchange includes a considerable number of currencies. In addition to the well-known Altcoins Ether (Ethereum), Litecoin, ZCash, Monero and Dash, these also include Gulden and Feathercoin. Check it out:

In an interview with BTC-ECHO, Managing Director Bram Celeen answered the question as to which features make Anycoin Direct stand out:

„Anycoin Direct’s focus is on security, speed and easy and user-friendly trading. Anycoin Direct allows users to purchase any type of digital currency within 5 minutes. After the user has made a purchase and instructed payment, the coins are credited to the specified account (wallet) immediately upon receipt of payment.“

The following payment methods for crypto trader are available on Anycoin Direct:

Giropay, Sofort- und SEPA-Überweisung (Germany)
iDEAL (Netherlands)
EPS (Austria)
or Bancontact (Belgium)
If you have any questions about the crypto trader purchase process or suggestions in the meantime, live support is available to all users here:

A detailed tutorial for the purchase of Bitcoin on Anycoin can be found here.

About Anycoin Direct
Anycoin Direct was founded on 01.07.2014 by Bram Celeen (Customer Support & Administration), Lennert Vlemmings (Security & Business Relations) and Julian van der Wijst (Programmer) and initially operated for one year under the name Bitplaats exclusively in the Netherlands and Belgium. But just as quickly as Bitcoin was spreading in Europe, the young company also wanted to grow and expand. So it was time for a new coat of paint – Bitplaats became Anycoin Direct and today every citizen in the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) can trade their digital currencies quickly and securely with Anycoin Direct.

Anycoin Direct is an interesting European Bitcoin/Altcoin broker with great potential. Above all, we like the wide range of products, the fast checkout process, the friendly team and the easy trading very much. But convince yourselves right away.