Blockchain Summer School: You have these possibilities in summer

Afraid of the summer slump? As temperatures rise, so does the anticipation of your long-awaited leisure time. After a little vacation and relaxation, your fingers quickly itch again to become active and to look for a meaningful occupation? We’ve picked out a few ways for you to get to grips with the topic of blockchain and crypto currencies during the summer.

The Frankfurt School Blockchain Center and the German Tech Entrepreneurship Center jointly organize the „Crypto Startup School“. Over the course of a week, participants have the opportunity to gain insights into relevant topics during lectures, network with others and develop their own ICO business model in a group project.

In addition, the three best Bitcoin formula projects receive prize money and can bring their ICO project to life

ASTRATUM and the ADG jointly run the three-day „Blockchain Summer School 2018“ (BSS18). The aim of the Bitcoin formula programme is to provide participants with solid theoretical knowledge and, in particular, practical knowledge, to develop blockchain use cases, to teach the basics for developing their own strategy or concept and not a scam, in order to be able to assess entrepreneurial decisions or investment opportunities.

The one-week summer school in Utrecht offers both theoretical background and practical experience with blockchain applications. Participants will gain insights into the history of blockchain technology and learn concepts such as mining, smart contracts, virtual identity and more. In addition, practical applications are discussed, for example in sectors such as finance, logistics, education and health. The course is aimed at students and interns interested in the theory and practice of blockchains.

Students can get credited according to the Bitcoin trader system

The two-week course „Blockchain Tech“ is offered as part of the Summer School CuriousU. In this course the relevant concepts around the Bitcoin trader Blockchain technology are to be mediated. The participants should be able to survive the Bitcoin trader hype and judge for themselves whether the application of blockchain technology makes sense or not. „Blockchain Tech“ is structured as a technical course and includes (interactive) lectures and tutorials for practical experience as well as collaborative project work. Knowledge of computer science and computer science is recommended.