Corporate Yoga

Yoga. Thousands of years of tradition. It's more than just a workout. Learn about yourself. Feel your body and your Spirit. Relax. Tap into a source of Silence and Power inside yourself. It's Simple and for everyone. It's Yoga. It's Your Life.


Blood flowing. Brain firing. Muscles strengthening.

And a little thing called balance.

Imagine a workplace where every staff member feels motivated, confident and clear-minded. Where stress is barely a blip on the radar. And where one hour away from the computer screen allows a complete reset and recharge for the afternoon (and tasks) ahead.

Long hours and overwhelming stress do not a harmonious workplace make.

Like a week’s holiday in a lunch hour, the restorative and engergising benefits of my corporate yoga classes are as beneficial to the soul as a refreshing dip in the ocean or a good night’s sleep.



  • Bring teams together and build strong bonds (going deeper than just sharing desk space)
  • Help employees melt away stress (and those Zen vibes are contagious... in a good way)
  • Provide a haven of wellness and relaxation (just metres from those bustling boardrooms and ringing phones)
  • And let’s face it... be seen as a pretty forward-thinking, awesome place to work!


In fact, studies prove employees are more likely to be performing at their best when they are in optimal health.

My corporate yoga program makes it easy for you to reward and motivate your staff. After spending more than 10 years in the highly-charged corporate world myself, I understand the pressures of long hours, demanding workloads and stress all too well.

I come to your workplace and provide everything needed for up to 20 people. My classes are open to anyone from beginners to advanced yogis, and can be customised based on the needs of the class and the energy of the group on the day.



NurturePod Corporate Yoga Class Fees

Investment per 1-hour yoga class over an 8-week term (flat rate for up to 20 students per class).

off-peak fees $130 (9am-5pm)*

before work $140 (6am – 9am)*

after work $150 (5pm-7pm)*

one off  (1 hour yoga session) $200 (conferences, team building days etc)

* a 10% discount will apply if booking more than one class per week over an 8-week term.

Please CONTACT ME NOW for more information.


''I found Corona's approach to teaching yoga helped me to progress gradually and at my own pace resulted in me having a great passion for more.  Her calm voice is addictive and sends me off to a happy place for every meditation, which always leaves me wanting for more.  Most importantly having suffered chronic stress headaches for two years, I have now got them out of my life which can only be contributed to Corona.''

John Holliday, Project Manager Westpac  Bank