What I Do

I work with amazing, creative women who are craving something more.

Sometimes they’re overworked, killing it in the corporate world. Sometimes they’re overwhelmed, loaded up with to-do lists. Sometimes they’re overtired, constantly putting other people’s needs before their own.

What unites ALL OF THEM is the unwavering belief that there’s more to life than feeling vaguely blah all the time. They know that there’s passion and purpose and oh-so-much light, shining and bubbling within them, if only they could unlock it.

And they’re ready to step up, make a change and create full-blown wellness – body, mind + spirit. I help them create a life of soul-fuelled connection. Heartfelt truth. Serious self-care. Whether it’s through holistic health coaching, my unique style of yoga teaching, one of my signature detox cleanses, or through my hot-off-the-press Creating a Soulful Life ecourse.

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My Mission

My mission is to help women reconnect with that innermost part of themselves, the light that’s always shining underneath the surface. I do this in many ways – through nutrition, through energy work, through the most fresh and flowing yoga sequences ever, and through deep, soulful self-discovery. All of these pathways lead to your white-hot truth. And all of them are about coming home to you.

Think of me as your spiritually-savvy life strategist. A health and life coach with a heaping side-serve of heart.

Meet Corona

I’m Corona. Your spiritually-savvy life strategist. A health coach with a heaping side-serve of heart+Yoga Teacher+Reiki Healer.

But more than all that, I’m a seeker. A searcher. A deep-down diver into all things soulful. I truly believe that way too many beautiful, amazing women are struggling in their lives because they’ve turned away from their truth. Their essence. Basically, they’ve lost touch with their soul.

I want to help you answer those big, bold questions that nag in the pit of your stomach. The ones that keep you up at night. That have you paralysed, stagnating and wondering whether this is really all there is – What’s my purpose? What’s my passion? Why do I keep feeling like something’s missing?
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